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How To Adopt A Dog After Hurricane Ian

If you're considering adding a furry friend to your family, there's no better time than now. During this difficult time after hurricane Ian, shelters are full of adoptable dogs who need good homes. Here's how to go about adopting a dog from a shelter.


Adopting a dog from a shelter is a great way to provide a loving home for a dog in need. There are some things you should keep in mind when adopting a dog, such as what size of dog is right for you, what age, and what breed. It's also important to consider if you're looking for a hypoallergenic breed or not. Once you've considered all of these factors, you're ready to start meeting adoptable dogs!

When meeting adoptable dogs, take your time getting to know each one. Ask the shelter staff questions about the dog's history and temperament. Once you've found a dog that you click with, it's time to fill out the adoption paperwork. The adoption process usually includes an application, interview, and fee. Some shelters may require potential adopters to take a training class before taking their new dog home.

After the adoption process is complete, congrats! You're the proud owner of a new furry friend. Be sure to have everything you need at home before bringing your new dog home, such as food, bowls, a bed, toys, and collar/leash. It's also important to continue socializing your new dog even after adoption by taking them on walks, to the park, or doggie daycare. This will help them acclimate to their new home and build their confidence.

Adopting a dog from a shelter is a rewarding experience for both you and the dog. By taking the time to get to know the dog and ensure that they're a good fit for your family and lifestyle, you can set both of you up for success in your new life together. Plus, what could be more gratifying than giving a loving home to a dog in need?

- Vivian van Zyl
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